McDonalds has Delivery?

Monday, July 16th

Sean and Charley talk about the new delivery service coming to McDonalds Starting sometime this week.

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We play everything on 97 Simon welcome to Monday morning Jenna she noted doing this thing will mcdonalds now they're gonna do delivery mcdonalds that starts this week. The nineteenth wins in ninety. Com that is. Thursday OK yes Thursday McDonald's in Hoover Eagles are gonna start delivering. The quarterback on his way to do you have to be that she can't even go to the drive there. It's titled the way you can hurt coolest part. They're gonna include with some of your orders I think it's from 1030 or 11 in the morning and for most of that day. The specific locations when you order specific items you also gave. Throwback ninety's accessories like are you ready for big Macs docs. Well I would Wear that as I know you could have. There are very cool but what what is really really cool on this thing is there's all kind of accessories you look at her FaceBook page and daydream about what you might hear. A big Mac Fanny pack. Both will know what would you put it it your big Mac that's the ousting. There's one on the inside.