Friday, April 20th

Charley, Matty, and Sean discuss the new condiment in stores called Mayochup. Mayo and Ketchup lovers eat your heart out!


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987 suddenly show we don't judge you whatever your into his actual plate of Friday when he PGA. 3363730987. As the number get on in here it is sports warning if you. Hadn't heard all I ask I know manage day hippies would today and Afghans over their windows instead of curtains and all of the truly. But listen there's news out there about condiments because we've got this stupid new mayonnaise and catch up together again and it's called what mail except. And we all agree that that's a bad name for that terrible don't listen any. We don't need this product now and two that's a bad day. So are not against the product I just hate to name but listen you don't need that if you have read listen and ask your personal question but I hate to ask your personal question can refuse so pretty you know nervous saying it's what is it Africa. At your house yes do you have catch up. Yes OK your house do you have domain names yes can you mix. I don't think so aren't your line to. It appears it was a race shows they pretty elite side. I mean it's like you know it's so simple thing it takes a step away and maybe your out of Manning is there may be your out of touch some stupid you don't believe that but anyway. They are acquiescing on their name they are angry with the whole world that's stupid name this is a ban would start off on a product you danger is one guys you're right. Well a lot of people it's a regional thing where a lot of people college Fries costs which I like better than Mayo took this is got the name catch in the eighties boom now next to need our call is 373098. Seven's number of her request around here. How much you'd go ahead welcome. Evil woman college at Iowa and habits and remember.