The man with the longest finger nails.

Monday, July 16th

Sean and Charley talk about the man who holds the record for the longest finger nails and what he did to them recently.

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This hole and UK two days ago up show Monday mornings now. Welcome we're glad you're here was this and I hope that this will inspire some of these guys out there with a long yellow toenails to Cottam. The guy with the longest fingernails in the world. As finally cut them after 66 years of growing his fingernails tape. This is the guy that has been holding the Guinness book of world records longest fingernails record. Like since I can remember. 82 little kids 1979. Was the first year he got the record and his males have measured. 86 point five inches. I'm. Kept getting longer and a Longar Longar Longar anyway he's had he's his whole life based. Bullies 82 he's had a mom 66 years or about thirty feet long. And he finally gave a mob they're going to be in a Ripley's believe it or not museum and they promised he sold into the museum by the way didn't do this for free. He had a six point five foot long thumbnail by the way. They used them many power saw to cut these disgusting long curled up males off for the guy. Can I check this out his Isa decades of dealing with the weight of the males have left to him permanently unable to open it. Do you have any Kim and his fingers. Gave him some to do all these years ago and asking them. There the museum promised they would maintain them very nicely and firm for a lifetime they're gonna hang on to these foreign. You know the first thing he's gonna do without as long fingernails is Nancy.