Making Milliions While Your Dead

Friday, November 3rd

Sean shares with Charley & Matty the top grossing dead celebrities. Including names like Michael Jackson and Elvis!


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It's seven Simon and we do a show helping you pick up those little bitty shattered pieces and put back together on the actual plan Friday and each. Well it's just like anything can happen there around here would love to hear from 3363730987. As the number. Why do we have this morbid fascination with the top earning dead celebrities every year they put out the list. You know while we knew we. I mean that's great I guess that there is states are so make him money but this is a big thing Elvis Presley used to be in the top every year he's down to number four this year wow. I'm going to be going this month so I'll help out these days and they really don't back up to three number one Michael Jackson's 75 mil last year and in number two Arnold Palmer. Now really I'll take up his seat it has a lot to do this TO. Charles Schulz. Whose numbers are reality is units of the 38 mil then Elvis the Bob Marley Tom Petty. Too soon Tom poll but a lot of this he made when he was alive exactly that's not really accurate twenty million on the year prints number 718 million. Dr. Seuss John Glenn and Einstein David blowing Elizabeth Taylor and the last one on the list we have here. Bettie Page. Any page still we make it money ready page yet I still loved by the as an option and make they want to show to replace some board. Do New Orleans summit walked out at you won't play secret agent the main problem. Johnny rivers. Plus the man who still is news. Hey ozone man. Really it.