Lottery Retirement

Tuesday, September 5th

After the biggest payout in US Lottery history, Sean shares with Matty & Charley the big plans Massachusetts State Lottery has for the machine that produced the winning ticket.


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To get a show on 987 Simon thanks so much solicited to us on this very first day of the media chalky accused days accused day yeah video doing today do today if you're real what do you call superstitious. If you're a person who just tasked to do the same thing the same way every time. I'm very sad to tell you that you will not be able to use the lottery machine that printed the 758 million dollar ticket. I don't know why. They decided after that. And that lady what's Mavis Davis sweep Mavis who quit her job as a nurse and is now hiding out her house was. The police all around the perimeter with their big bags of money on around her hockey you imagine. You can have a trash bag of cash with you at all times if you had that kind of money and they just just handed out just don't let your people happy just improve the lives every single place you go everywhere but anyhow the Massachusetts state lottery. Where she bought the winning ticket by the way written they have retired the machine that printed the 758. Point seven million dollar powerball ticket and equipment out to stud. Don't you wish feel that they'll make some more waiting colliding machines so he's put out smaller jackpot because they're just cat let's Garang it is heated debate where they're talking about maybe putting it in museum. They're they're going really preserve it in some ways it's never going to be used again. The largest prize by a lottery winner in US history and you can never buy another ticket may buy that machine I left that. Now on center.