Little Piggy Chronicles

Friday, November 17th

Sean shares a couple of funny pig stories with Matty & Charley, with one involving a service pig on the plane and another holding a lady hostage. 


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And I did that and Simon got to show you get creamed corn in a row with a baby and delusions it's spiritual player Friday we'd love love love play your requests and you know that'll save when pigs fly the nest sometimes they just can't. They're a pig. Caused a stir on a US Airways flight a pig a page it was a service bigger course is on our cell and had her pegged that the people on the plane said they saw a duffel bag but then they could smell it. And they realized wait a minute that duffel bags stinks and it's pointing it's a pig on a leash. She had it tethered to an arm rest and it started to. Like root around in people's stuff and it started causing a disturbance and one passengers said I was terrified. I was thinking I'm going to be on this flight with a pig this pigs stinks and it's probably seventy pounds. On well that's a pretty big pig it is unfortunately or fortunately the pig was asked to leave because ago little rowdy now you think that's crazy is big story you've heard but it isn't. Here's your next big story of today. A lady described a giant. Fauci page book that showed up in her yard. In Fort Myers, Florida and that and kept her hostage in the corner of her yard it would circle her and blocked her in the yard every time she tried to get out. There she thinks it neighbor in two guys and wandered into a neighbor's yard. She eventually was able called the cops and they got it they confiscated to pick contribute to what they call an agricultural. Impound yard it was you know I don't know. Well that's where it lives for now I don't as you don't have the cars and impound line at Apollo turned in to hang him well. They wouldn't be so bossy you know what though you might be surprised that these pigs home was quite. Sky wish. And mount Allison guide a care taking we've played some pretty quick. If you play out while it unless they can't lie about eerie blue suit and so you'd like you can use.