Liposuction- Farm Style?

Friday, May 19th

The hottest lipo place is in your nearest...field? Sean and Matty revisit liposuction in a barn with Charley.


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Here on 987 slamming Qichen and Strachan and kick in good job. I'm Sean Charlie manager here and if you wanna get with losing six and on FaceBook you can call us to preserve a 30987. Got an update here you remember out of those couple weeks ago we were talking a regular liposuction and a barn the heat yes and that's a not a good idea of it well now we're learning more about doctor Brad. Let's go who had patient showing up to the body laser sculpting medical spot doesn't that sound nice and fancy. Yeah but ME that's great illustrate name but it's a barn right they showed governor appointment only to find not just the bar but an unfinished barn who's mainly just polls. So after they shut him down here here's the list of other charges that are coming in properly commingling human and animal drugs I don't know. Thank you and controlled substance home for personal use snapped. Unfinished pole barn is how they described the body laser scoping medical spa it's. To respond there were unsanitary conditions and really the barn filled several building code inspections. Well I but listen before you moved to the barn now he had another place inside a real building but a former patient says they left me. With the dog in an operating room that wasn't an operating room it was a closet for today. OK I don't know I don't know why and I thought I don't know the risk is the mask. The cup I love it you know they basically. Sleep wherever you're working today recoup all of our what could play for you all of The Beatles mobility over.