Lies People Tell At Work

Tuesday, April 10th

Charley gives a list of lies people tell at work to Matty and Sean


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Lies that people tell at work all the time. You know these are little white lies that are all guilty of talent not me you'll catch me so I realize it works I went right now know. That wasn't my fellow Aussie I admit the stuff that was my fault but nothing ever is it usually muffled Ezra. I leave work early for a doctor Dennis some kind of appointment when USA that umbrella yet on day Tuesday. Dude do you yes that is my first priority. Yeah well everything is your first priority when you get to it that's not necessarily alive. That account is looking real good. See these don't applied that's when and I count will live in that world is Dennis that's not my jail pay that was my idea yeah bra. I don't have to lie about that. You if you do all that time like what I'll come up with some the OK let me just type visit and even knows the great idea at yeah. That's right because you didn't type. What's it became you heard it yes that's how cursor around here he goes he's cooler there is not alive and I can have it done tomorrow. Yet but you know what that is alive because guess what I do I haven't done today yeah that is true dome is super efficient it's true pay many stolen from me. I think it was my idea.