The Latest in Underwear Usage

Wednesday, February 7th

Charley, Sean, and Matty gives the latest fun facts in underwear usage.


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The latest in underwear usage in America over to you Charlie one in five people Wear their underwear more than alliance does for watching Ed now. Those say no like you've never done it I've never gotten that'll leave you at all I'll tell you there's one person in this office I'm not going to say her name. The man she's pretty has she said in front of a group of people the other day. Oh I do it all the time I just turn it inside out. That's what things said that she personal women admits inserting their briefs inside out briefs. And women for repeatedly wearing dirty underwear nearly a third of men confessed to doing it now if you Wear it and then you you set it aside and you go back to it doesn't have a chance to redeem it circled. Doesn't air refresh itself I mean I'm sure sure showdown should get out now is Taylor Swift had a song about a it's all my underwear and I think though its use that to happen. Are pretty you know that's shocking enough. Yes but there's also and other things that people don't wash the how many times. Well I guess how many times you Wear your genes to free license. I can't tell you if I've watched my most recent pair of wranglers that I love Al Herman in the ground yeah I have I want NC they say after fortified where's he's lost them. Oh do you ever wash your coats now I don't know I don't know why can't this just two to three times this season it. They mean is is a season like in one year yet know hadn't done it how often you are surprised. You don't win your away. Not a girl I know who it.