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Tuesday, September 13th

Sean and Matty converse about the latest movies.


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It's what we've got we've got to show many days that assigning blame everything and I also have a very good feeling about today you don't do it today that exist as he. You are talking to people yesterday who had seen the selling movie over the weekend which. Everybody loves it really they say Tom Hanks is brilliant and it did you find out a lot of stuff about the back story that you never knew before was he drunk. Now who of course not now tell you talk about a real American hero I was sorry I'm sorry already talking about Oscar time the movie's been out for a whole weekend all right that's it stressing that they already think that. Hanks has a shot and or death and another movie came out recently that nobody went to see. Disappointments room. Which you might remember was filmed here in Greensboro where that came out yes that's cool and all over the place playing up a regional it's played. It's played everywhere yet you look around. On the movie sites you'll see is playing all over town oh but it really made Blake one million dollars over its opening weekend into Monday yesterday well that night its target right. Rotten tomatoes doesn't like it receives overall very disappointing just like the title. But it was filmed here in Greensboro so I feel like maybe that whole million dollars came from people locally awarded to the house. What do we say it's the Adams Lee Adams Lee house gas and it's on alum it's rode that thing has eleven bedrooms and ten bathrooms. And came back and sell. Maybe hung out there for a little while she did as a bonus the movie was almost entirely filming it we should it's for sale right now to go buy a house I think we really should if I cost more than the movie made so in fact.