Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas?

Tuesday, February 13th

Charley gives Matty and Sean some last minute Valentine's Day ideas.


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Exactly and we play everything on the go to show you might Waco was an accident or you might wake up with fruit fresh. Press I can't believe you don't know of group I don't know it's it's made Bob ball people who make Mason jars and you put it on your through to keep them fresh you can. Change color why Howell. These are not economists oh absolutely not no we are victims got. Some last minute things to do round ties day if that are still totally romantic and I say play hooky take today off from work at all both do you take off tomorrow on those numbers drawn on we hear that home. Give each other massage is a last minute thing that still supposed to Romans do that all the time get over here cooked dinner now he's looking at me and now you come down you need guys that. Dinner together yes that's affect kit chief capital plan a leisurely picnic. If the weather cooperates we'll give you extended forecast Herman okay. Take a scenic bike ride together I'm all right yeah yeah. Now I want you to know that if your loved one comes up with any or any Euro all of these they have not planned a dang thing for your Valentine just read a list I heard us talk Canada Saturday. Enjoy happy Valentine's.