Labor Day Weeknd

Wednesday, August 30th

Sean, Matty, & Charley discuss plans for Labor Day Weekend, Sir Jerry Lewis, and movie marathons. 


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At 987 Simon we play everything on to get out should oh thanks so much for was into it's they aftermarket and off deliberate weekend at all or out west who already leaving already. And surge Jerry Lewis will be honored remembered Labor Day weekends forever never never never asked us should be the telethon for Jerry's kids if they didn't they stop doing a league this couple years ago now I think they still do it I think he just hasn't been doing it you know. I mean he can't anymore. Now home V but I remember our members several years ago. He was he was sick and he was on so much present zone that he was all blown. Bad round of memory that is a real hole and we never thought he was gonna live to see you know tell thought and Deng if he didn't go like another ten years or fifteen years 91 he was Emily probably just stopped a few years prior to that he was really don't you run off the rails buttons here's why I'm telling you this because in honor of surgery Lewis. Labor Day weekend while we're doing bets won't play at liberty we can play your requests. TMC is due and Jerry Lewis movie marathon health and start net was the 8 o'clock. This is on labored at 8 o'clock the nutty professor. 10 o'clock became a comedy which was great when Robert De Niro aria at midnight the stooge which was won with Dean Martin that was before the program. In the bellboy. Which he starred in wrote directed and produced right word a bank and then if you can make it till 3:30 AM you've got the disorderly orderly. Why didn't they put this on Friday Saturday or Sunday night. I don't know yeah.