Knock Before Entering

Wednesday, September 21st

Sean tells Charley and  Matty about the  importance of locking the bathroom door to prevent the awkwardness of others walking in.


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987 Simon plays everything back out of steel didn't get a lot of you'll be all right you know. Oh man thank you so much right now whether this is more and it's happened again this time I was the one who walked in on somebody. Bathroom window now you'll remember. Win I was borrowing the ladies bathroom here in the office and yet that's when we learned that the lock him work a hump because of lady walked in on. When I had the opportunity the other day to walk in on my brother in law. Oh take a shower. I was in hurried to man I was messing with kids I was like I'll be right back stay right there I'll be right back ran into the bathroom. Obviously there's and they diminish our. There's there's one word. Phrased it menus when their walked in all and I realize this must be universal because I said it here at the office he said it when I walked in on him. You're dialog and on yeah. Did you use this word I don't know what it oh yeah. Did she drew a bit. Yeah Rosie any sort of Powell. What's that last hour so he's used that when it was in your room it's yeah it's a picture window there. Okay here until they don't get bogged down in detail as a side plays its. Etiquette on do women. Say hello there while the owners are so I don't have an hour and them on an. It's the only thing you can second. And human cell phone calls in. Boston and noise. Everybody locked in better indoors there's there's things. Okay.