Kidness Rock Project

Thursday, August 31st

Ever needed just a quick little motivation message to change your mood? The Kidness Rock Project is just what you need. Sean, Charley, & Matty discuss what it's all about and the good it's doing in the community. You can find more info on our website.


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Or. 877 plays everything that's mr. Jones if that is your real name on show on film imitators so Joseph Charlie man err I give up show. Have you guys seen I know I'm probably one of the last people in America to notice these things. But have you seen the que Le pain and rocks the kids or leave it all over the place yes that's a very neat thing they're doing have you not seen this now you go out walk your dog every day yes and you have a single pane and rocks say of the ground me and then I do I'm looking for. Other things that it at a scenic pain Iraq's they say things on them like smile or you are loved. Have a nice day they're cute there like a little funny face they're just painting nice rocks with positive messages on them. And leaving them in random places for people to find New Jersey. Everybody man I've looked it up there's and there's a group in North Carolina duke McCollum blessing rocks. But it originated. As the kindness rock project and it's really. Worldwide now surprising that. Neither of you have heard this from your daughter all you know let out there Munich got this weekend mr. thrown him out. I'm out tomorrow play OK here's a kind of gets rocked I was that I think it. There are very nice and people are finding them and re hiding them and campaigning their own and all it is is to share a little blessing. Shared a little smile wherever you go by leaving a Purdue a pain Iraq in his instructions though we'll put up our FaceBook page look further kindness rock project. I'd also like who put some out there. Hated on their like. Careful this is gonna get really hot minute. You know wash your hands yeah creatively if you don't know where I've been ten.