Jobs That Wont Exist By 2030

Tuesday, October 17th

With technology rapidly advancing Sean, Charley, & Matty discuss a few jobs that won't exist by 2030, some jobs including cashier & newspaper deliveries.


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The get a show on 987 Simon and if you bought those K knives in his Martha Stewart Kate knives at Macy's. There's a recall Lana McCain's knives it's like the cakes like certain indicate picker upper and they break off and there's somebody had to get stitches because of that and I hope there's a recall that there had to take. There's eight jobs that they say will not exist by the year 2030 this is not a list meant to frighten you because I don't believe anything is written in stone unless you are to one of these jobs Donald thanks so social media manager they say that won't exist. By 2030 whine that it's so important these days they say who needs it when we're all becoming experts in it back Yan the next one is a word processors which is basically a typist. I don't know him now that people you know you have word processing apps. You can talk to your opponent right now yet at present rate it on my pet my dictates a real clear travel agent because red ironic its aid but I'll tell you is take a lot of heartache out of it if you do use travelers sometimes right. Telemarketers that's okay now is go as hard as they say robo calls is what's Killen. Receptionists. Now when you call someplace a lot of times you get a robot anyway yes they're saying maybe it'll all be robots see I don't think that's ever gonna happen I think. No doubt and we need good companies are still gonna get so we like that humans had same thing with cash years you know the bill of pay yourself. Kiosk thing I need a catcher anyways Huskers up deny exactly and they said that those. Doing yourself kiosks have caused people steal more than ever yeah neighbor boys and paper girls probably won't exist not a morning newspapers. But now who's gonna run around for him and scare me to death yeah and real slow it and read news in the bushes at the number one job they say will not exist by Tony thirty. Librarians. Lol why will nobody goes to get books anymore tablets in Campbell's eyes. So we share. I didn't pitch.