It’s a new social club in town.

Wednesday, June 13th

Matty tells Charley and Sean about the triads metal detectors club. Would you like to be a member?

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That's 877 and it got to show our pride do you drive carefully what's up Sean Charlie Matty here and there's a new club in town it's better than honeycomb hideout I'd think news is right up your -- won the Triad metal detector tests club boom we've finds a little bits yeah that's the thing the data in Jamestown it's actually grow it is not that literally was like sixty members and they go duties like Clarence. A different yeah historical locations in park since I. Philly this is one of the most anti social clubs out that none of because metal detecting. Your you want to be by yourself you want your own little area because of someone's detecting next year they might get your treasure. Now is so specific because you're you're in one spot and then what you do is when you get a hit did meet. Then you start digging with your travel and you get your small metal detector rod you get deeper in there and in your buddies run over and you've got this spot. And the need dig up your treasury and and at the end of the hot today they market off. Sort of that you can only go usually detected this and how it's not plan to remind the now than at the end of the hockey dump out you look at all your little rusty bits. Goings in your bottles and your buttons and stuff like that don't you have a different don't you have a metals sector this is like right appears that that I. And I had a metal detector Ronald alluded to a friend of mine and burned down a mission and what. I don't know those same shed where my. Saxophones now and I'm not the saxophone instead of it burned down in their news did the metal detector detect a sense of them. I don't know some beeping wins. Is it different. From.