It’s never too early to get ready for Christmas

Monday, July 2nd

Sean and Charley talk about places in Florida getting ready Christmas. Do you think it is too early?

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Already gone on vacation you know it's been like to count down to fourth of July vacation since it's on Wednesday and that's like questions do we celebrate is last weekend's fourth of July weekend or is next weekend for the slightly concerned that smack dab in all week that's a great question and it brings up this point this week is last week's next week and in a lot of places Christmas is already arrived did you see this story over the weekend. And in this is happened and of all places where it never gets to be wintertime. In Florida. In Orlando Florida flat hobby lobbies are full blown Christmas all over the place they got decorations out all over the place at the hobby lobbies do not understand that why in the world would anyone need Christmas decorations right now you never can get too many Ord or save enough money on to the place called margin specialties the largest Christmas store in the land. They have that thing full Christmas trees right now. The Home Depot. In Orlando has some decorations out they have not gone around this intrigues me to the point now where I want to go around and see if any of our places last year. For me the earliest I saw was at Sears over release that are. They had up the fake Christmas trees super early like around Labor Day and yet if you need patio furniture right now you cannot find it anywhere well you never know there's never too early like I said to get ready it's only 175. Days and seventeen hours until now.