This Isn't Cool Anymore!

Friday, September 9th

These things were cool but now they are not! Sean tells Charley and Matty what they should stop doing.


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Back in a magnet it's we're back from actual Labor Day we're here back. Soldier you know football season starts in these two are useless to me already yeah. Why are still 119 and it's kind of obvious. 3363730987. Is our number if you're celebrate their futures sadder about last night's game whichever would play a song for you today don't want to go ahead prepare you for your weekend. They're a things that people on the airwaves they are no longer cool. So stay away from these things this weekend if you want to be cool night wearing a backpack would want to stress one strap is not cool anymore. Now it's OK to use both straps we thank goodness I have always used to straps Busan your wearing your silicone risk they injured her record wrist bands are not cool anymore also and shoot I don't know that so many awareness. I know and I've gained so much weight to put a moment hands off big blue. A use and a letter you instead of YOUN text does a lot of cool thank goodness MTB I didn't know that was that's that's a little cooler in thirty years. Shirts and posters with the keep calm and blank. Matty. They're no longer cool it is and it's chives and there and FaceBook is the number two item that's no longer cool. Oh I think this survey was actually on FaceBook. And number one thing no longer cool in the 2016 is pushing people in the pool you know law. I hit my dad Smartphones don't do it anymore no so there you go now you know how to be cool is we can avoid that stuff it's your request in because they start next on basketball player of pride excitement that this don't miss.