Irma Preperations Gone Wrong

Tuesday, September 12th

As the last of Hurricane Irma passes through, sweeping some parts of the Carolina's; Sean tells Charley & Matty a hilarious story about some pre-cautionary measure he took that backfired.


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The idea and all that time and morning 97 Simon's play in everything on the get a show. Maybe I'm stupid maybe I'm not because we got so scared. About hurricane Irma and at one point it looked like the path was covered shoring up Kuroda yes. It sound like it was gonna jump everything incumbent like right degree they're right on Saturday evil yeah just well I mean you could happen and and just in case it were to happen. I was one of the people who are super duper prepared which again and I wasn't the only one. Well I got like. Sixty miles of water from what little girl okay they say to have between three and seven days worth of stuff isn't so I was going to be given a tour with the a dropper that is so we would in effect that's what we're doing all that well puzzles gifts and those cancer on exactly. And I bought very many cans of chef we RD ravioli seasons though did you buy a can opener to also open goal. Lady. You better get with the times is the nineties in the Big Apple had hands on ravioli is now. And the other thing I bought this is how bad it was it at the teeter over a market street then there was one of the giant three gallon jugs of water and dispelled on it and I thought well this will be nice will slap that up in the fridge where cool water school until the power goes out no more have room temperature water and fruit yes. But it was a little bit scratched and then it. So I thought this last one I'll buy it anyway. Put it in the car. As the day went on the forecast and it changed so. There's still ravioli and chart in my car. But when I went to get their jog out I noticed it was a different shape and size from when uploaded in. From getting no they're breached it had a tiny hole when it I don't know it and it. You know while hermit did not come in Floyd and Dana at the water that I bought for Irma flooded my car well. At least you get the feeling Abu Leila an event like this and it and the smell doesn't it take for about a lack argued you know well. Ladies and just suck the moisture on his behalf he.