The Incubate App

Thursday, November 2nd

Sean shares with the morning crew, Charley & Matty, information on the new "Incubate" app, which provides some interesting features for saving cherised memories.


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Many in seven Simon and get a Joliet and it's coming soon will not right this minute and then next week it'll be even what later because we're gonna fall back an hour this Sunday via. Hallelujah well again it's our sleep cited lower. An extra hour every night I hated he is so dark and it's a dark so early prison plan car. According darkly beautiful foray. Listen to this now you can text yourself in the future and you'll never forget your memories you can text yourself 25 years in the future. It's up to a 25 year delay the you can text your self pictures. Videos. By authority. So that the technology will not. Be compatible 25 years from now. I guess you'll constantly be updated because it's pretty expensive they have a wedding only version of this thing how to block the app is called incubator. And to make sure that you will never forget an important memory or message. For the rest of your life. How many people stay Mary average flavor ideas anymore are all going to be like that a lot of people do pay a series reminded pick up eggs 25 years from now at a eggs don't exist anymore silly at at a there's a version of it called incubator my wedding which is for you know. When people get married they always say what it was a total war I don't remember anything right now so you can text yourself. Up to 25 years in the future but what happens if like that marriage since last and in your married to somebody else and they pop. You've thrown flown somewhere by president headphones out the car went. I'm at just think guys 45 years from now you can get a text for me saying I told you. Did better here.