Hurricane Irma Update

Friday, September 8th

As Hurricane Irma approaches the Carribean Islands, Sean updates Matty & Charley about some of the madness it's caused; including expensive and delayed flights & even a certain celebrity bunkering down in his mansion on an island. 


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987 Simon and get up still play your request a special player Friday good look I hop. Nobody wore George like the job hop boys back in the eighties looking good they rocks distorts. If you are worried about Richard Branson like I was worried about Richard Branson he said. Even though hurricane armor was very Burton rarely write down on his little Caribbean island he said he was gonna stay put. They had a bunker there any Fella could be okay. There and I limb into a bunker would go down into the ocean oh my god you're so right argue. A I'm more worried now he is okay you may have seen the pictures of him hanging out down in the bunker which didn't look like it was under water well hole but it. It's an island yacht doesn't mean that what to eat again I didn't say immediately go to water look you guys handle that later does. Yes talk about that later. He said that everybody in the bunker is okay but there almost all the buildings on the island include news great big gorgeous billionaire house is torn up with all I really get back out. That's their ego. And then jetBlue is doing some cool stuff to get people out of Florida in 99 dollar flights yeah don't tell your friends done a quarter fairness about not many though I know is just crazy reprieve probe as people. And it's just an amazing stroke visit this delta flight. Got out just in time had that. After this flight left JFK as Irma is. They are rolling down I Puerto Rico flies out kits to Puerto Rico right before arm is about to hit the bands were coming in here and did a big quick and people up to these people back I'm forty minutes turn and out right before armour hits you but that's off from people who just got off the plane. Hey let. It was this. It is so I mean that's an amazing pilot group. Really truly is we are we're following I don't know whether checkered praying for all those people don't memento was going to be a better we can we're expected the morning while the show can reduce them for user. And we do.