Hurrican Harvey Update

Wednesday, August 30th

As Sean gives an update on his brother & the conditions in Texas, he explains to Charley & Matty how the storm's impact has created new guidelines within the National Weather Service.


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It's outside the green sounded so good our show on Charlie Matty do. Update on my brother in law in Houston this is the craziest thing you don't see this on TV when we're watching the stories about hurricane RB deuce and everything yet there's parts of town. That never flooded. Yeah where the power still on and everything is okay and I just I had no concept of that from what I had this crazy you wanna think that the entire thing is underwater area. What he went to a buddy's house where not only is it not underwater they still have power. Everything is great he was able to get his car out of a parking garage and moved over to his buddy's house which is in the you know higher land so he's doing great Oakley lawmaker for the yet. Did you see that thanks to hurricane Harvey. The weather National Weather Service has had add colors to its mapping system yeah says something about how much rain has fallen they didn't have a color for that much is that amazing this one storm they've had to change all of the the color systems to add. Come to more markers twenty to thirty inches of rain all guys and then there's one there it's. Thirty plus. And their purples the darkest purple. Fifteen to twenty inches and indeed it goes into. Lighter purples further super deep brain and they had to come up with that just because of the storm. It's what they say like 35 inches so far more consummated it's just awful out there and don't forget if you can help out with any any kind of donation. Red Cross major problem we've got a link to our website right now on 987 Simon dot com what do you can't.