How should you ask a coworker out?

Thursday, January 11th

If you are thinking about asking out a co-worker, make sure you listen to these tips from Sean, Charley, & Matty first!


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We get our show here on 987 Simon make an announcement and 28 team we will not be saying granny draws a view to that song now this back and why not how to ask a coworker out on a date and 2018. Is it worse try notes. I snapped up. Is it worth even try and I don't now here thanks so here's a couple of tips would say I wanted to ask one of the people in this room around OK all right Manny get ready yet they're gonna check what the HR policies are in place. Our man Booth number two. Be friends first. All they make sure you like trying to get along and stuff I guess we can't get away as little testing ground we will we both like that it is yeah right number three. Suggest getting coffee hey Matty yeah wanna go in the kitchen yeah. That's what he did it happen take it up for your cup is an awful coffee among the amendment has pictures towards the bottom when you do. Of the pond oh that time it. Number four when you do ask don't make it weird by talking about fox and it's. Number of violence did you read it if they say no to maintain your professionalism. Yeah. Stuff I always try and delegate broke. Through a Nikkei hit it in numbers six and this is very important again if they should happen to say yes and maintain your professionalism. And I don't turn out and insert.