How often do you wash your cell phone?

Monday, June 18th

Sean tells Charley and Matty about how many times you should clean your cell phone and why you should.

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987 savage played everything early get up show hey this is summertime around here man welcome the Monday morning easing into the summer and kids all out of school of Darren and hot outside how often do you watch your cellphone. Never heard either though and that's post your thoughts so what about you how often do you plan your dirty cell phone. Because as a female I get makeup on it sure though but I still not clear as much as they should they say that these things won't make you sick especially people who have their phone on the table every time they eat and picking up what you eat with one hand you have to phone in the other news which and Jeff. Everything that you touched yet every bill these things that you touched you transfer that billed to your phone into your food then in your mouth and eyes and in so they say ideally. You should be clean inept foam. At least twice today how twice today twice today while you brush your teeth cleaned your friend and I'll just brush its key tip you know what's even worse shot. We all have a mom look at your guises phone you have out here work while we're doing this yet those rubber covers the gavel on them. Okay hold a kind they funky stuff they hold. All the duties. Listen I just sucked all the limped out of this one a bull on mine yeah okay and it's a great debt OK now you need disinfect the whole thing and not just one time today. Twice every day. Just rub it on my leg.