A Hotel In Space

Thursday, April 19th

Matty and Charley talk about a new hotel that will be opening up in space in 2022


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Viewers thinking man. I can't wait to have a nice get a way to space. Really get away the beats what I get a fine time to get latest space bullet you'd have to wait first of all. On how to get there could son figured out the whole Elon Musk rocket thing you have to travel which was problem potato. The hotel that I'm now about say about doesn't open up insults when he when he tip. Meets when that's not really that far away that's only for your your sister really not which I still think it's interesting that they're like out every toll on this. Patel ready for everybody and that there's still don't know how to get there that's I don't also edit and I Oz the world's first luxury hotel in space is called the roars station. Where's it going to be located in space. Chip ain't any place that the middle of that near earth I just OK honey you far out yeah. But this is you get a spectacular views you get to experience zero gravity the entire time. Was it. You can participate to research experiments like growing plants in orbit. I'm so many so many problems with this first of all I cannot get enough time off to get there. Enjoy myself and get back. Number two I don't think I 10 gravity the entire time not super fight and also you get to experience. 384 sun rises and sunsets at only twelve days because of how faster on the earth you're going. To get dizzy but we know is how about where this is a tough act to get all right Liz I'm Alex twelve day trip. All I need from you is 790000. Dollars a night of it all of this comes just I think three. No way to nice yeah seven and 191000 dollars and nobody can get. Not to mention your ticket on the soon to be speed traveling that that's another couple 100000 thanks for its people it.