Have You Ever?

Friday, September 29th

Sean, Charley, & Matty play "Have You Ever" while Sean runs down the list of a few things men & women may do more than each other. 


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We'll be sad about that time we had to use a barn saxophone and now are don't eat dairy it's not on Matty Ellis we have this broken down boy girl do you do these things you guys can answer if you like to do you ever intentionally delay taking a bath to see how bad you can smell now if you and you're gonna say yes. Not shockingly more men than women say yes they've done then. Do you ever pick up a pair of drawers and give the sniff test. Not anymore. I only EST LE like if I'm MC SE case. Your filthy suitcase and it was just what is it there you have more men than women do that through. Do you ever go to bed without washing your face and asked you that you know what. Fewer people don't do that what I thought and I thought probably most people didn't wash their face affordably 40% of people don't do yeah allegedly put a book go to bed. Have you ever flipped your underwear inside out to get another winner now know 12% of women say yes fourteen Cinnaminson you. You know when you are alone do you shout or make odd noises for absolutely no. And I. You know people are around and as you do it to death Mormon that we remember a lot of people do about a half an event in it. When you're watching dinner in front of the TV do you wait to take your first fight until you find some good watch yes. Yeah men do them warn women to all right here's the last one. When you go to bathroom do you ever look inside the shower curtain to make sure there's nothing in there to get it all yeah. All as you have women do that more than men but I do it I'll tell you I've. Welcome was going will be more and it's the lovely day you concern here is how about mobile live there's lovely day off. He's so Smart enough according to drop off in the growth. To the.