Have you asked this question?

Tuesday, January 31st

What kind of questions do you think are common to ask? Listen to what students have asked their teachers with Sean, Charley, and Matty!


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It plays everything for all our friends. The morning you know show here on Sean. There is my friend Charlie and I know and her friend Mandy over there today would have tied you renew our friends say no we're great management school don't worry you Karen who wants snowed a more teacher or student do you think out there in the world. I students just he sometimes thought to work there's there's neat thing going on on read it right now. The silliest questions teachers have ever heard their teaching career. One child asked how old was the average eighteen year old in 1942 yeah. Here's a no no way of knowing and that's one of those imponderables. How old you have to be to smoke crack well. I don't accept it technically there's a limit what are those pyramid shaped things in Egypt call today. In health class. If you're sterile can you pass that on to your kids. I'm at at him and at this what is kind of timely right now and it kind of makes me sweat a little bit. Teachers said not paying taxes could get you incarcerated. In a kid sued the government lights on fire. I don't know. Oh there's more than a teacher said no incarcerated means in prison you're thinking enough incinerated. In the kids at a low. Wait then what's taxidermy. L. And how quiet and it. Yeah elite.