Harry Potter Prequel

Monday, May 15th

Sean, Charley and Matty talk about what happened to a priceless peice of Harry Potter history.


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And says I know and competitive we've got to go Shawna Charlie Matty here you guys are readers you read actual book yes I'd argue Harry Potter fans are you bread all of those Yasser. Certainly not as all the movies I don't have them and got to the point where I was waiting for new ones to come out and there are no more new one out there right. Do you know that there's a prequel to the Harry Potter books again I've been hearing about that JK wrote is there rolling her rally. She yes she wrote a hand written version of the prequel to Harry Potter and it was sold at auction to this rich guy. Who had it on display in his house and just recently semi broke into his house and stole this handwritten prequel to Harry Potter. And they got jewelry and cash all kinds of stuff but they knew enough about it to steal this. JK Rowling a rear battle piece and she's now baggage she's saying now to the world if you see this thing at a yard sale or at the goodwill. Do not buy it. Don't support this because it was stolen do not buy this if you're offered it home and everybody's gonna wanna read it that's what I'm saying I have modified by and read it and give it. Looks like that's the coolest collectible ever I'm not even in the Harry Potter via but I kind of want that free interest you know that they still alters the stuff that they knew enough to steal that and asked. You know you gotta love this drug you love us Marc Berman pulling you have something on display under lights and glass case. And yours and that's right keep my keys.