Happy Music

Monday, September 11th

Find out what Sean knows about why music can make you happy, while Matty disagrees.


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Love that song which is it though I am I have is the answer yes. The they were to get up so we're glad you're here was you know happy songs make you more creative. And in this world we're living in what we need is people who think differently because we've got all these new problems we have to go at things such a different way. And they have proven scientifically. That if you listen to happy songs. While you're trying to do a task. That you perform better. They believe that they have like a thousand people in this test some people listen to happy songs and people listen to sad songs some people listen to it nothing silence. They found out of people listening to happy music their scores for creativity. Went from a 76 on their scale to a ninety. Four I did see that when I worked in kitchens you know what we were listening to really made all the difference does and sometimes or listen to they really loud and it music and I'd freak out. And then send has to be really happy upbeat music can really do another one of those things that I'm not sure we needed to study for the alcoholic obvious no no we needed to study so we can break out the Wheeler happy songs I know the best happy saw in the history of solve the current. Hillary does he hears the list happy birthday sweet sixteen by Nielsen actor the theme from happy days and love can make you happy but mercy. You made me so very happy about blood sweat and tears if you wanna be happy by Jimmy soul who like Allan happy together whether turtles and don't worry be happy. And oh my happiness by Connie Francis. And the baby the happy organ by Dave baby Cortez of course this win was spared no oil and see what happy so we're gonna play now. Yeah they're does that work and there has again come back now the one that I liked and getting in the name of rain and how does the songs to be together. Like what I want Charlie what do you psychotic resilient kid she's got ESPN. Here's your happy song probably worms. Pitching.