Halloween Lice!

Tuesday, October 10th

As Halloween rapidly approaches, Sean, Charley, & Matty discuss the consequences you can run into when trying on different costumes.


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Sevens that were visible all of them Betty Betty good to meet where the gala show Shawna Charlie and Matty here and it's Halloween already minute how I don't know if you guys knew we did some decorating this weekend did you yes I made as scarecrow. Yeah it it didn't turn out great it's got a real short torso. Now did you find that he wasn't very Smart boards or easy OK does he have a brain. We're gonna look at for one his head as a pumpkin so I don't know what that says just keep him away from the torches through and through that now. Though wouldn't throw any water on any mean ladies in the neighborhood either they're just at least say it but there's a nurse out there who's telling you while the kids are going out Ryan on Halloween costumes. The extra super careful about. Likes. Yeah. This is it the return of light east warning seventeenth. When you buy a costume she says. Be sure that you wrap it up and put in a freezer in a in a sealed bag for 48 hours to kill little ice that might be in an. Or if you can throw it in the dryer for 45 minutes because the high heat can kill it. But definitely. Deal where the lights are out there when you're trying to on all kinds Collins should tempting it is grab all the silly hats and stick them on your handling all store we definitely were trying on stuff and I think about license horrendously story this morning it looked a little. Had pulled Crowley well look if I get flies out to shave it all off and I'll put on the hat that I was where would the roster dreads and it does that look right ankle at us.