Monday, September 26th

How much do you spend on gouls, goblins and candy?

Matt Charley and Sam are becoming Fall festive!

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Yeah. Ninety sevenths you know show we've already learned this morning you don't need any of those kinds of forks and knives if you have your hands threat. William holt mine islands. So it is already on everybody's radar and it's just like the 26 September so are you guys get ready already he about it my skating will not stop wearing me out about what dale. All right we're ready and I have not given it a second thought. They said that they've they've been doing this survey for eleven years and this year is the highest workers and group. Probably has been about eight net billion dollars nationwide now and there's has can't afford that will you know every hill this. By the ghosts this year my ghost that sat on the Google metal rods yet they're not waterproof they're only good for one good Halloween right. Don't. Rupiah ended the whole thing falls off so. We're on average you don't have to spend a billion because on average. And 82 dollars. Last year was when seven or. There's going to be three point one spent on Constance. Packed. 2.5 on candy yeah and then you go back as trinity Hedo. 2.4 billion on decorations. I think it has been more on this decoration Jan orderly dude up his line ever think about bitterness in 390 million dollars on Halloween green cards and yeah yeah yeah. He always says that Kyle Weaver state basis six you know possessed. Thank you you've got to go to. I'm working on. Get a show on 987 Simon play a little while nitro people who were to join us but I'll little too much this time of year you play looking at me no reason. You know I think. Isn't Vegas a couple of weeks ago it was so awesome because football starts at like 10 in the morning and the last game is over. By the time it's starting here and the nighttime game starts at like 830 with de I don't Charlie Alaska does suck. It straight hurricane W after the game I. Oh checking out cafeterias and school have some pretty good stuff to eat lately this is just a couple of examples of the peanut butter large pack the teriyaki beef nugget the chicken patty sandwich the Romaine chef's salad the pet the popcorn chicken. The mini cheese ravioli is the black beans and rice the beefy not Jones none of this sounds inning get it all week alone men's all the good feeling now. Cut off. Mind what is changed a lot listen to this alleged lady in Texas lost 100 pounds eat nothing but cafeteria food every single day of three years while machinery kids portions that you we I think you got to hit it she started out as a dishwasher. Promoted to a cafeteria manager. She lost fifteen pounds because she was so nervous and then she decided you know what had 260 panels she. Ditched colored junk food ate nothing but the cafeteria food lost on her her is that cool story and you know the story like that there's only one thing to play right now it's. Is who would and with a new song. The guys one of the greatest people field.