Greatest Super Bowl Moments

Friday, February 2nd

Sean, Matty and Charley go down a list of the Super Bowl's greatest moments.


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Talk about prince who has halftime show in 2007. Probably best super ball moment I remember yes some people say 1969 Joseph name with. Pulling the upset for the victory that was the best Super Bowl moment in Super Bowl history. What do 2013. When there was a blackout. That was crazy I remember I do you remember 9086. When the fridge got a touched down now you tell us your mouth that that is that was the first and the pats vision as a rule is that also a crazy as Michael Jackson's intro in 1993. And 1991. August and made me cry of Whitney Houston's national and that was mainly you don't win. David Tyree ease helmet catch in 2000 and it and other loyalists a smooth lines. It is like any of an avid against the patriots in those seats you know when you're 1992. Thurman Thomas ms. places his helmet again. 2004 we told you that this was planned and rehearsed Janet Jackson's warm wardrobe malfunction in on a malfunction. 1993. Leon let's goal line fumble yes that would doubt it became no not as in the river there and remember that so what we'll see if we get another moment talk about this week so when degrees polls when at all now.