A Great Valentine's Day Gift For Your Man

Monday, February 5th

Don't know what to get your man for Valentine's Day? Well Sean gives Matty and Charley an idea on the perfect gift.


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OK so we know with the ladies like from around times they've bloomers but guess what let's quarterback guys will be your Valentine's gift if you were to get the perfect thing. Oh for me. Yes I think some sort of fancy meat or like a dead big gainers cool Gillick food product that's do you know my coolest thing I've ever got was when a girl gave me flowers are told Joseph that when. How you do because men don't normally received flowers I saw something that I think both of you like what it's a heart shaped box like like the candy box but inside. Eric different kinds of spices to put on meet. I love so much spices I can't even closed my spice cabinet. And they're sideways and roll out when I open it okay now we'll netted space seniors buys can't enter deserve oh I get it I was on a but this. For just 500 dollars. You could get you on mosques limited edition flame thrower yeah Valentine this year I know just 500 dollars for a flame or what real man would wanna dying flames are everywhere and was aflame there are bad. The Everyman is danger yeah. Recently should give the impasse they have a guy clearing his snow covered driveway with a player is best holy Joseph Bob sit down you would never have frozen pipes in your house ever again or you can just order a hair dryer on Amazon for twenty bucks though do the same thing no utilities say the most practical application for your burial flame thrower is what. Anything kill weeds that are broken out here asphalt. Is that Heidi they can go somewhere else that spiders your real flame thrower man caught on urban Valentine's give no.