GoodWill Luck

Friday, September 29th

As the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure, Sean tells Charley & Matty about a GoodWill employee who stumbled upon a lucky suprise when sorting through some donated goods.


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It's okay. Today ninety seven's I'm so glad threw us and remember if you find a random purse it might have any number of things and it. There's a lady who was working at goodwill founded donated purse with guess what was in it. A snake. No underwear little weed is totally both tricks athletic 39000. Dollars in cash in envelopes as. Very easy yet it belonged to like they're grandmother passed away and they were given about the things in her house and they didn't go through anything you've got through that thought it you know. What people get into there's levels of hoarding and there was one story or heard about where. There were plastic grocery bags like through lamb bags and then it would be like inside a sock. Inside a cigar box inside another bag. In inside that would be a wad of twenties signature duck in boat. But what's money yeah rationale. As so into the lady that the goodwill founded they got in touch with the people she said she thought she was on camera. She was like who's mass will be where's the camera find out who it is money here army but. They did the right thing they gave her a reward 3900 dollar bonus in ninth 10%. But you know whenever you finder and a purse if we put it there it's gonna have. Probably old underwear. Yeah. It's yeah has got to has maneuvered to burn the day's pay welcomed with what we do for you yeah. Yeah alma content at the environmental why am I oh yeah he might not end there are Gladys I wondered how moral it. Some yarn and. Okay. Me. And they are. Warwick and Gladys Knight and Tennessee Ernie and. I mean.