Good News For Berkshire Employees

Tuesday, March 13th

Sean, Matty and Charley discusses Warren Buffet's plan for Berkshire employees if they fill out their March Madness brackets correctly.


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And his show on Charlie a man a hero out of Joseph you'll work on your brackets yet now the you know everything you need to know now I stop doing now a long time. And I invited to get into a pool so I gotta get one together well it's a little chilly for that yeah. Helio and I mean Warren Buffett doing some new this year did you see what he's doing this year you know burning rally giving away Brazilians will instead of giving away Detroit fourteen when he started this. He offered a billion dollars for anybody who correctly pick all the winners of ballgame then nobody got it. The C last year I think somebody got out. A 100000 dollars out of Republicans 31 of the first 32 games that's not too shabby that's crazy. This year he's going to give away one million dollars a year for life. To the Berkshire our employees. Holds a perfect bracket I have a friend is avert Shire employees so I need to get really get hurt you there yeah. Better for an event redneck meant a positive need to do anything like that for us yeah you didn't let me finish a lot of suffering she aids. 44 hour from now or if you guys get the perfect bracket four from now until I get fired okay you will each get a new Simon T shirt every year for until I get fired. I year third year one year what a year die and you can be pretty about the sizes either. And you're still worry about it I have ordered and congratulations.