Good Neighbor Traits

Tuesday, October 10th

Sean shares with Matty & Charley the 5 traits that are considered to be associated with being a good neighbor.


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Jindal on. GA seven side accuses the better man named immersed capillaries in America yeah they were to get up show are you a good neighbor. There's thanks so there's a neighborly index out there and actually existed tells you. These are the typical typical good neighbor traits Europe parents and attacked you're a homeowner. You're married I. I don't know it's clear our neighbor here you're a dog owner then you're 45 years or older. You are regular neighborhood walker. You have a front porch. In your own social media at least once today these are the things that good neighbors having come well he had to have all of them. Yes if you got to really be all eyes and if you're really gonna commit to be a good now about. You're gonna have to get married and have kid and and get to walk in and have a porch put on your busy. What's a bad neighbor here's the top thing number one bad neighbor action is they're just too noisy. Noisier nosy. Is that another one is the latter's one bothers me stat but is this they don't keep their dog under control is now. There's lots of those now they're disrespectful of their neighbor neighbors personal space or boundaries which goes to your nose in everything again but I just wanna know what you've got going on with so impressed I was able nuts about it. Is it bad about Mike. I see my neighbor in the backyard and not make conversations with them they got a hey I got Ryan let's say you're supposed to do it now that's but that's enough. You know don't don't keep going let him go let him have the time they're out there enjoy and your not you. It it and they don't take proper care of their yard or home just in not to here's one I don't know if this were Joe's you guys enough but I can't stand it they drive fast through the neighborhood. Us honest raise your value and debt. Dark it's it's right there with your music in the music and their floats.