Good Day OR Bad Day?

Friday, September 9th

Sean gives Charley and Matty pointers on how to turn a bad day around!


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Show itself. Show on the yours Charlie can hear you look at me call some time 3363730987. Is our number player requests orbits won't play if Freddie and they've just told us that you'll know every day. By 8:12 AM if you're going to have a good day. Or a bad days and months and as you got a back that up a little bit for us as we started a little bit early but people say the third of people blame their partner. For their bad mood in the morning yeah quarter of people blame their boss further bad mood. It could be that this is slept through your alarm it could be that you woke up groggy and half asleep. Maybe you drops up while you were making breakfast with these little things happened before 8:12 AM and they set you up for a good or bad guys he isn't really a big dealer you just milking it Alnylam that's what I think you can you can you turn it around to hear of the ways that people turnaround and turn what could be a bad day into a good day. They meditate relax a little Buddha. They've they see an act of kindness or they perform and kindness and her strange mix of food. What else eating a healthy meal. And then a lot of people listen to good music to turn their money. Welcome so if you got what do we can help you out get in here here's a lady that once more for boards are going to which got. But he art. I can't always heard approach on eight directly. If that'll make yet we will do it. Brinker I. Don't speak up. And.