Monday, September 19th

Glamp! Innovative way of camping, or not... agree Charley Sean and Matt.


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We play everything on the idea of seven Cyrus so legend here weather season he's and into Monday morning maybe you did some campaigners some glam and over the weekend if you dare. You've got a lot of money glam premise might be away from me go camping again. Basically is that is when you go camping but it's all things he has like a nice big bad image and luxurious accommodations probably electricity. I can't paying guarded and this place collective retreats in that Colorado near Vail and Aspen I jumped out sleeping quarters I'm properties staff. Dinner. What they chef and a farm to table feast. Are people who will set you up at eight TV isn't that lining in all kinds of stuff is really five to 700 dollars tonight. Our thoughts receive five to 7000 wild man well enough this is great. 700 dollars a night I better be in the street and Ritz Carlton on the top in house floor well I mean if you're gonna call it camp and now. Is it inside or they actually know like we're set up the middle of nowhere there and made out and a hotel. And I've always said the only camper I'll do the closest target who it is a hotel about room service this is a tent with the room service I ask yeah but he's not he is reported Friday. Yeah denies all my kids go back to the Guggenheim Museum. It. Yeah yeah.