The Get Up Show 05/23/18

Wednesday, May 23rd

The get up morning show with your favorite host Charley, Matty, and Sean Sellers

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Paid service that haven't played everything that don't show hey get ready because this weekend is going to be a whole lot of whining going on the good guys not the kind of drives you crazy you know it's the drink in kind. See she knows what we're talking about the North Carolina line festival but back at Tanglewood park. This Saturday a whole day words if you love to go get a couple tickets colonize perjury 63730987. You would tell me about this thirty year old guy. I'll lose a thirty year old kid. But he's not a kid and his parents are tired of him tired tired tired and living up in their house they want him out making a mess in their house laying around. He's been living there since birth I guess. And so they took him to court yet safe to finally we'll leap right they say listen saw him we love you you're thirty year old grown man child. Would you please leave our home. Why do so. You wonder what kind of tactics they're using to try to actually get him to leave it's like fun you know we really think he's may begin the job and stuff or is it like. Changing the locks yet is that walked through the house play in symbols and you know cook and lots of kimchi. Maybe they can get in easily angered by technique loses this they took him to court. And then he filed his own court documents because you may not heard this part here's the latest on the story. He found a legal loophole and he does not have to leave their house even after being sued. You know if he is those smarts for good instead of evil he'd actually I've only below fair distance in the running for worst child amber they said they had he said his parents to be in retaliatory that they had never before expected him to contribute to the household expenses or to assist in puzzle of. Are now.