The Get Up Show 05/23/18

Wednesday, May 23rd

The get up morning show with your favorite host Charley, Matty, and Sean Sellers

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On 987 Simon we play everything he's so cool my cable was obvious they don't watch dvds he'll show Friday's yeah. And his top Indian Harbour group were musical guest honorary man at rock. They were so good idea you get a chance check and a what's Fridays it was like take off those who loses Saturday Night Live competitor out back in the early eighty guess what day it was on. Wednesday and it happened so what is this thing about local landmarks that most people don't ever go to landmarks in their own hometown wherever it's I am I going like are these big places but when it for people haven't even visited the big landmarks in their own city OK so leaves so like I was thinking about a Mike I haven't actually been the pilot mound. I've been near it but added into you know I have not been out of the car there are driven by taking pictures of it but I've served on the betrayal and everything is supposed to be awesome I know people who go regularly I've been there. Twice that is thinking and that's the stage as trying to think of what are like even in Greensboro and what would our landmark beat them might be Kessler. Pays us a ring the bell because they're all I. Of landmarks I mean you know African Winston-Salem is a historical. Also there's old Salem there's RJR tobacco building there's. Well there's the teapot there's all kinds of things you guys able even rustic county where I bet you're right exactly yeah we're we're two of the four who haven't been there isn't isn't aren't there some historical homes in Greensboro and different arms errors Ari on the ground park. You have Larry told you beef burger have you been to be Burke and nuts are you won't take me. Listen that that low assembly debate now we've got to goes I Ralph now wrapped Matty has to Gaza shopper and. A things.