The Get Up Show 05/23/18

Wednesday, May 23rd

The get up morning show with your favorite host Charley, Matty, and Sean Sellers

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We're always here and 987 signed to play and everything and don't forget about us this Memorial Day weekend it's another ritual played a weekend all your request so much fun they are apply myself listen even more than I usually listen which is a lot. 3363730987. Is our number two or call us get a request him. You do between now and then you do all weekend. Here's some that we keep people from plop in their phones down on the table while you have dinner with that it's a brand new phone case that is also a piece of exercise equipment boat like a bow flex. What I have the vehicle you'd fire your phone crossed the restaurant the conflicts but I just no there's a new Japanese phone case that doubles as. But 22 pound dumbo. Case yeah pretty happy yeah it is it's gonna be hard in your pocket. I am all for C this would keep people from being glued to their phones all the time if you couldn't very well lift that walk around with a very easily. He couldn't pull that out your person plop it down on the table at lunch good I can just see these men with their giant cargo shorts there and out of their pocket. The short to go right to have more authority to delegate dominant phone handling right my right it is that freedom is getting like top hats is wrong in my right arm and I get that tiny little stick our left arm a law that makes my panic I make your switch up a phone arm you need to get two votes. Okay okay I. Get ready for every.