Is This The Future of Refrigerators?

Friday, September 8th

With technology rapidly advancing, Matty shares with Sean & Charley, Panasonic's new idea & direction for the future of their refrigerators 


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Many 87 Simon played everything on the actual player Friday was happy and I'll show on Charlie about your geared to. Okay small town right there makes me think about little fuel bill hope everybody's okay down there again ready for colonel though whatever is gonna happen it always happens in view of bill. It would mule don't know what I'm talking about. The future refrigerators is coming yes it may or may not be pretty do you think these future for ages. Will be able to clean themselves do you think they'll know if the milk has gotten a solid and it. I smell Sarah all I'm taking listed attracts myself since you won't do it no wait a minute tell us about these ridges what do they do Panasonic is putting out a new fridge or eventually. And it's a little it's a cube right now that's motorized and it'll bring food to you who does that make him a robot. It's dangerous man. It's pretty clear. So you don't have to go stand in the fridge door and dream about what snack you go wow it'll bring it to where you are lazier and lazier and lazier bring it to the store review its. There are up I brought you this gas where it's been thinking. Yeah error the robot. They wanted to a play abroad can we get some forty or wait Chris first idiot is the way. Broke my back saying you know you're not scared Eugene is.