food habits

Monday, September 26th

Did you know Elvis Presley ate his mashed potatoes with his hands?

Matt Charley and Sean compete for the best way to consume their food.


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The first weekend of fall. Well lovely weekend minutes start to feel like Forrester audience and aircrew is an adjunct to meet pot nine. In the Asia now this guy there's this cool thing you know on their Google Buzz feed by just those cool thing on buzz feed. They say how do you eat these things attacked personally as Mac and cheese is 4 June fork or hand. Or while fork but I like where the hands going rice spoon fork or chopsticks fork. Strewn museum that now is if from Obama's self and go white Chrysler from the Chinese place Ali tell my hands because of balls up you know it's like you incision officials there. Ice cream cake. Smooth forehand. I'm Becky go either way accident probably spent as a fork yet for that way you know or medal. Or in less it's it's melting many us via groups take the salads boon for Canaan. Who who can throw in the handout to it's actually just a yeah. I think fork. And pizza knife and fork spoon or hand when I am and item you know those people with a knife and fork in your pizza girl who are wasn't super hot and you don't wanna burn your mouth watermelon spoon fork hand and yet that's at hand and it is or oatmeal. Spun forehands they. And olives I'm moved. Now here's a fallen apart from hot chili spoon for hints as to who it elect you and you know boom soup spoon forehands. Clark I'll tell. Not at the end this there's results 1% of Americans either mashed potatoes with their hands yes I'll tell you one famous 10 Elvis Presley Duca or seated.