Flat Earth?

Tuesday, November 28th

Sean tells Charley and Matty about a guy who plans to launch himself into with a home made rocket, to prove the earth is indeed flat! 


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We play everything on 987 Simon for all kinds of box whatever you guys we love not. Not absolutely nonsense I'm sorry you brought that up. Because not ask about did you hear about the guy who's making a homemade rockets to fire Sullivan's base yeah. Is this anything like my arm chewed myself out of a cannon told confetti out there in the parking lot just like it now because he's actually staying in while he's supposed to stay in the rocket whereas you just wanna be catapulted our outing here distance right pig wearing your real tiny way over there at a no this guy is going to go 2000 feet into the air in his homemade steam rocket he was supposed to Davos last Saturday minor and he wants to prove that the earth is flat right right he sponsored by. A group called research flat earth. He wants to fly up into the year 2000 feet in his homemade rockets so he can look down and prove to himself at least a hall appearances in fact let's running into some obstacles that well he's gonna run it and come back down. Yeah that's part of the problem is that it was like Eddie you're really not supposed to see yourself off into the air what he's gonna do it he is postponed but he says he's he's going to try. To get the required permits to launch launch on public land. Thumb but he's he's thinking about also moving into private property simply doesn't have to worry about that. And he wants it all to be on number when he talked overview how does it get approved the earth is flat or he's gonna come back and say yes. I was up there I saw he's gonna get up their knees get have proved right or prove wrong and then we'll never know what he decided because he costly and he'll be healthy flat. It's flat and low. If they think it's flat.