Fish Jokes

Thursday, February 8th

Sean tells Charley and Matty fish jokes


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This is tragic story but somebody has to be the one to tell you but a shopper in Georgia caught the video. Of an aisles filled with flopping fish after a giant aquarium shattered owners are lower I saw that. Is awful dozens of fish flopping around in the shallow water or at least there was enough water for them to flop in which makes me think that some of the might of made it. The all the fishes were on the floor working personnel trying to save them and scoop them up and get them back in some water to save the McCain you imagine. What if you scoop them all up and he just threw them into the closest available tank but it happened to be. The fish that eat those tests. Well they well I had a couple that went out doing what they loved and that was swimming at at a but seriously though do you know what the 1% said when he posted bail a diet I'm off the hook. We know why there's there's to reflect on the Florida and play basketball and they hate next hole. Which one of those fish weighed what part of those fish weighed the most we know had to know why the scales that this. But at some deep you know what fish. What those fish hate the day those fees paid to those who yeah. They hate the most split that Friday. And I. But no seriously some of those we've gotten a fight did you hear about it now now they were battered. So hopefully. It's nothing related exactly not now that don't you know what kind of what kind of fish wears a tie what I. There's there's so finished. O line.