Is the first date not a thing anymore?

Monday, June 18th

Sean, Matty and Charley talk about what can be considered a first date these days.

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987 Ciba play and everything on the go shows Sean here Charlie and Matty over there. Why wire they're going to be first dates anymore you can't very well have a second date if you don't have a first day. Right we think Abbott it's just not what people are doing these days trying to only forty for percent of singles went unofficial first date last year what does that mean would they do instead of just you know we're like friends that we hang now all it to and then all of a sudden we're couple. That doesn't count I don't think that counts there's still got to be a first date so that you can go back and celebrate. At the KFC where you had your first date when she was changed the tire on her moped and doesn't weigh anymore jury jury examples are real specific. No but no seriously it doesn't matter if you think that you're just hanging out and you're just bodies or whatever that started somewhere. Then you have a date and right Lloyd you're having not hers isn't really you're always hanging out with friends and maybe have like remains you can never than I can never there and then. You know there is spending the night. Women eat up all everybody's saying that I together yeah I mean and why do you separate fact Atlanta.