Fidget Spinner

Friday, August 4th

Sean, Charley and Matty talk about a fidget spinner that got one boy into a bit of a jam.


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987 Simon play in everything he can dance like nobody's around but we're still looking. You always watching. That Ari so are your kids your keys your old girl in new figures that are clearly she missed that now pushing gallon which she didn't really mess of that too much mind is kind of like she still has to have one around but it's not easy thing of the moment anymore that was quick. There's a new page has been out there called B. Gained gee sure Rick in school history that erase the surrogate is that a ninja star its well it's like from a video game is inspired by video game. Eleven year old boy in Arizona got his finger stuck here. Is that how these bridges burners work he's been normal on your finger on tanked. Tried everything we unit offers moms freak him out put Crisco on it you have an ice cube on and all that stuff. Took him to the emergency room the ER doctor broader ring Carter out. Didn't even scratch is that really didn't move an all out so they ended up being transferred to another ER. And Scott are you serious is this a nurse. Said look I've seen this happen before I forget the doctor I'll be right back chewing got the maintenance man who came back with a fiberglass all. He took four saw blades he broke home. Right off trying to saw listing off his finger after two hospitals. Sixteen hours. Or broken saws and a ring Carter. His fingers finally free how they get enough. Final fiber glass saw blade the fifth one cut through it what. What is it made of magic alloy some got a metal alloy assuming no gross stuff Superman uses the again gee how do you say sure can pitch at this year Syria didn't. As special player try to give we get some creative. I don't know the who did it but it this song title it is rare to Solo Cup that's our good friend Toby keys.