FDOC Frenzy!

Thursday, August 31st

With the first week of classes wrapping up for children and teachers, Sean tells Charley & Matty a very funny story pertaining to a college professor and his class!


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We get a show we are so happy you're here with us on this Thursday I think it is then there's this oh you don't first week of school for a lot of folks out there this season back into the routine I think it's cool like my my little girl's future she's in fourth grade this year and whom they don't even have a reading list or homework until next week. And the then there first I agree I I could use that for the first several years yeah. College professor. Monday morning sends out an email with the subject line to his whole class that says disappointed. Lines today who was the first day of class and nobody showed off. If this is how you will lack the entire semester feel free to drop out of my course right now. And they all did well actually no they didn't. A couple of people wrote back to army gave a little bit information so he wrote back about fifteen minutes later and said I'm sorry. It is just come to my attention that this is an online course. Wow really set its over the years Helen nice I trust them know in birds and class time is required I'm very sorry for the rude email I am not a jerk our provinces. Please forgive me collapse. Think that was gonna work would grant it's it's. Outlining.