Father’s day is this weekend!

Wednesday, June 13th

Sean tells Matty and Charley about deals for dads on father’s day at various locations.

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Simon play and everything seemed your space it and start don't forgive Father's Day this weekend. Have you been none included any plans any any anything going on for you her brother's dying now my kids at a town. A law saying yeah or her father's. Mind remember. And mom America and Joba now all mine remembered it's going to be Father's Day in Somalia got to get yourself and dad because. That is going to be granted I start at least yep schools out so we'll give any of that you know. Crafty stuff. Here's some deals going on for Father's Day this year around town to ECB while on Sunday you know freeze small comfort come to me when you go in there. At the olive garden view spend fifty dollars on a gift card you get a ten dollar bonus no ratings at around a lot of stuff. For every 75 dollars you spend on gift cards yet to bonus gifts for ten dollars or a free appetizer. And and Ruth's Chris anyway. Dads who died at Ruth's Chris will get a 25 dollar card what elected to Ruth's Chris took at this hour it went as fairness that edit the at that Applebee's. They've got a good deal dollar long now organized he's only had a man like general massage envy. They've got to give cards for dead with. When you buy when you're thirty minute total body stretch session all right outs ignited it really would you would you go over there I miss them so much ceased to be edit it takes that was the bats well you're right that was. Yeah and it's amen. And then of course at the flying. That's exactly it and guess anything anything anything will be. Think guys that's.