Father’s day Gifts in Houston Hotel

Friday, June 15th

Sean tells Matty and Charley about a father’s day gift package experience being offered at a hotel in Houston, Texas

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Special player Friday plays that we did if you want to his Father's Day is come and I bet you nobody's getting this from the dead. A Houston hotel is offering a 25000. Dollar Father's Day gift bow wow today the post so Cotto. Is offer what they call one of the time filed Tuesday package. A one night stay in the 5000. Square foot presidential suite five think about that how big is your house 5000 square please we not that. A private cabana by the pool 801 hour massage for dead in his guest fantastic seats at a Houston Astros game school a 500 dollar bar tab. Terry Waite and 500 dollars added to what he played outlawed. And then you could you have dinner prepared by ship in the sweet or dinner for six of the steak house right there. And it also includes this is terrifying I would want a part of this would some who would love helicopter ride from the airport to the hotel. That's pretty Tim I'd wanna do that would you again I'd be really cool arrive in land on the helipad yeah Akamai they'd be like big time CEO stuff anyway himself. Eric how. Hey welcome to the shows get requests for you what what would you love and weren't on long plane Al maybe not eight. Do you remember this song not at all us like 1983. When he appeared to be remembered very cool thanks for call.